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Marriage Corta Bucarey
María Consuelo Corta Gerente Korta frut
Iñaki Gurtubai

Empresas Korta (Korta Enterprises) was born in 1948 when Curtidos Korta (Korta Tannery) was created. Since that moment, the company grew to the point of becoming one of the most important companies in its field.

In 1989, the Korta family, headed by Francisco Korta Gurruchaga and his wife Amanda Bucarey, made a turn in to the fruit business creating a new company called Frutas de Curicó (Fruits of Curicó).

Korta Frut (Frut Korta) was born, dedicated to mainly focus on producing cherries. Y ears later the successful company diversified   to   plum ,  wine grapes   and hazelnuts.

In 1997, Empresas Korta (Korta Enterprises) expands into another project, giving birth to Bodega y Viñedos Korta (Korta Bucarey Winery and Vineyards) with the main objective to produce quality local Chilean wine to be exported from Curico Valley

Effort, hard work and transparency are the values that identify the Korta Family since the beginning. The prestige gained   over   the years has   led Empresas Korta (Korta Enterprises)   to be known   for the quality of   the products they export to North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

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